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SA Tails
With assistance from Ron Prower

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O Hai
So, I noticed that a few people have tried to get a new password sent... both denied. I don't know why. D: I thought an upgrade to the eFiction would fix that. ARGH!

If you guys even care at this point, I apologize for this lame inconvenience. If you want, make an account on the forum and you can post to the Fan Fiction Zone board while this is being looked at. **facedesk**

In the meantime, I set a new email address. It could be part of the problem, but most likely it's a problem needing a full reinstall of this barftastic beast.

Just another speed bump in the revival process of this site! _

Edit 3-20-10 I revised the rules a little bit.

--SA Tails on March 18, 2010 6:48 pm 0 Comments
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