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1/1/2018 - Happy New Year
Posted by SolarT on at
Happy New Year to you all and hope you had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and so on. Here's to a new year, new adventures and more!

2/14/2017 - Site Broken, then Fixed
Posted by SolarT on at
All PHP related coding across not just SVT, but my entire hose went down. Mainly because 1&1 dropped support for PHP5.5 and auto updated us to 7.1 (even though I selected something else at the time). Something that nothing here supports yet, except for the Oekaki Art board. I rolled us back to a PHP version our scripts do support, so everything should be back up and running now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Also, Happy Valentines Day!

3/10/2016 - Page Layout Update
Posted by SolarT on at
Seeing how these days a lot of people use 1680x1050, 1920x1080 resolutions, if not higher, I felt SVT needed a little fix as far as how it looks in larger windows.

This is by no means a massive update, but more of tweaking to the current template we use so it scales to some degree, and will fill out larger window sizes better.

That said, don't mind any buggy-nes you might see. That's probably me tweaking and updating things. If anything appears outright broken, however, by all means report it on the forums so I can fix it ASAP.


03/02/2016 - Broken Links
Posted by SolarT on at
Out of the blue, I noticed the Art Section and Oekaki sections were both broken. Like, imploded on it selves broken. Took me a while, but I was able to update both. And in the case of our Oekaki program, fix it with replacement software without compromising the existing database.

Not sure how long both sections were down, since I seldom visit them, but hopefully it hasn't been too long.

Splash Screen No More!
Posted by SolarT on at
I nixed the Splash Screen. Something Tails and I have been meaning to do for ages, but always get distracted by other things. Like the work we're doing behind the scenes to update and revitalize the site.. shiney objects were see on the floor, ect..

Forum Updates
Posted by SolarT on at
Sorry for any downtime you may have experienced between 10:30pm and 10:56pm EST on August 4th

I was updating the boards and moving all data and the database to a new location to better organize the server's data, so took me a few minutes =P

Sorry for the delay!
Posted by SATails on at
I've started university classes. In other words, slower going than usual. I have all but #9 and the latest pages of Ghosts of the Future, which I need to download from Evan's deviantART.

An Update!
Posted by SATails on at
So while Solar is kicking his scanner, I'm finally putting up the rest of Evan Stanley's Ghosts of the Future. It's still ongoing so it'll be updated to #10 and new pages will be added as Evan updates them.

As of now, #4 - Old Flames Act 1 is up!

Thanks again for sending me the zipped pages, Evan! You're a good sport.

Scanner Issues
Posted by SolarT on at
Just in case anyone's been watching Chaotix for updates, I do have a new page done, but my scanner isn't working. I'll have it up as soon as I can replace the scanner or get access to another one. Sorry for the delay

New Chaotix Strip
Posted by SolarT on at
As promised to Tails, and mentioned on the boards, I've begun work on my old Sonic Chaotix comic strip. The first new strip in 5 years has been posted. It's not much, but it's a first step toward getting new content here. Hope you enjoy ^^

Side note: I drew Sonic and Tails at work, so the quality is.. Meh.. It was also the first real attempt at drawing Sonic in over a year. Eggman though.. I surprised myself there. My best yet XD

Comic Template Updates
Posted by SolarT on at
As the title says, I'm updating the comic templates used on each comic. This is so the site is more uniform, and I can fix some areas that looked like a blind folded monkey did the scripting.

As a result, you may get a 404 or blank page loading a comic, but if that happens, wait a minute or two and refresh. It just means I'm updating that current comic.

I apologize for any inconvenience!

Also, special thanks to SA Tails for fixing up the old comic template and improving it!

At Long Last...
Posted by SolarT on at
Finally. Every Comic is functional. The majority of broken down sub-sites integrated into SVT fully. A couple, like That Sprite Comic, are still a sub-site and a little spazzy, but at least works.

With that, the site is more or less, fully functional. That doesn't mean we're done though. Phase 1 is get things working. Phase 2 is improvements. Better scripting, layout fixes, site unification (as in, all comics, for example, will use the same template so you don't see remnants of each version of SVT in each comic's page, lol).

Posted by SolarT on at
Okay, after last night's update, many comics were broken due to my FTP program not properly transfering the comics' main pages when I was moving folder structures around to clean up the server.

It should all be fixed now. Sorry about that!

OMG! News!
Posted by SolarT on at
You heard right, FINALLY I got off my backside and did an update. First, let me apologize deeply for my lack of updates. I won't get into details, just suffice to say, Real Life blows, lol.

Anyway, I -finally- fixed the Comic Other-M. An epic decent sized series that was drawn by the combined talents of many artists. Sadly, it was never completed due to a loss of data, but I've finally restored all 30 issues to the site.

There are a few other bad links to comics that we've never got to fix, but rest assured I'm working on those as we speak. Possibly tomorrow they should be set. Besides re-scripting them to fix bad links from older domain names, I need to reorganize the files in an ongoing process to clean up the server.

Anyway, enough babbling. Happy reading!

We're not dead yet!
Posted by SolarT on at
Sorry for the INSANE lack of updates, but Tails and I are still here, and working behind the scenes in between RL stuff. Progress is slow, but we haven't given up or abandoned you.

Outside that, not a lot to say at the moment, but figured you all deserved an update so you know things are still rolling along Keke

Hey guys!
Posted by SATails on at
Merry Christmas and happy holidays from The Irregulars!

Happy Belated Turkey Day
Posted by SolarT on at
A bit late, but hope all our U.S.A. visitors had a happy thanksgiving holiday.

I've added a new comic to the Comics section. Sonic Chaotix. An old comic I worked on years ago, that I hope to pick up again sometime. Fair warning. My art is horrible, but none the less, I hope you enjoy it!

I've been cleaning up some things here and there. Fixing bugs and oversights that existed even before the move.

Things like removing Affiliate sites that no longer exist, or updating links for moved affiliates. As well as removing content from the site that hasn't worked in years (like the old News Feed link in the menu).

I've been tinkering with the eFiction skins as well, trying to get them working. I've gotten all the error message to vanish, but stuff is still broken, so I'll leave them disabled a bit longer.

As always, if you come across any problems on the site, post away on the Message Boards.

Good news, everyone!
Posted by SolarT on at
** Solar is wearing a white lab coat and thick glasses, while hunched over ** I've just invented a new type of server!

Actually, I've nearly completed moving SVT over to the new server. The databases ARE INTACT. Yes, unlike most previous moves, I was able to hack the already setup scripts into using fresh new databases I created, and then restored the database data from dreamhost. ...much easier said than done, let me tell you.

In addition, the domain, is safe and secure. As long as this site is going, it shouldn't become an issue anymore.

Now, a server move is a BIG step, no matter how carefully things are backed up and restored, so be sure to post any bugs you find here and there.

Once things are settled from the move, SA Tails and I will begin working on a site overhaul. Things like organizing the site better, updating the automated scripts, or replacing them completely with better systems.

This update may take a while, and will be done behind the scenes. But we'll also be watching the site and maintaining everything. So don't think we're just ignoring things now that we have the move complete!

We're not dead!
Posted by SATails on at
Long time no post. Domain issue has been resolved and we'll be using from here on out. Now down to the serious business...

Due to issues with having hosting with two companies, we're consolidating servers. Domain name has been transferred, so all we need is to change where it points, once we move all our crap to the new server! Things are looking up, even with hiccups!

Yay! Site issues! 8D
Posted by SATails on at
Crossposted from the DA Group

First, the eFiction STILL isn't functioning correctly. We're going to be reinstalling it.

Second, thanks for the first batch of favorites, GroxDevlin. Nice choices.

Anyhow, I have found that in December, the domain is going to expire. What's the big deal, right? Well, I don't know if I can get in contact with the owner to make sure they have the ability or even if they can find someone to pay for renewal.

I have also found that the domain can't even be modified and suspect the account was suspended. I have come to the conclusion that the owner has fallen off the face of the earth.

What does this mean? We're going to preempt this and move back to the domain, WAY before the expiration.

The .net domain was meant to be temporary in the first place, as the original .com expired and went into limbo for a few months afterward. It was retrieved and it's been redirecting to the .net.

Apart from having to fix the information for databases and the parts of the site that connect to them, there shouldn't be terrible interruption.

I could be jumping the gun, but better safe than sorry. This site has gone down too many times.

Comrades, we are still alive
Posted by SATails on at
I've turned on the join function to the SVT Comics Group. Check it out!


Site is currently being reorganized and fixed up.
New design is coming soon.
Currently not accepting comics, though you can post samples of comics you'd like to send, to the DA Group.

Happy New Year!
Posted by SATails on at
Currently we're still reorganizing, but in the maintime, we now have a Group on deviantART! Check it out at It's not fully functioning, but it's getting there!

Forums up!
Posted by SolarT on at
Greetings all. Solar here. Long time lurker to SVT, and new to the staff team. I've been a fan of Sonic since 1992 and a member of the online community since '99. I'll be working with SATails to get this place back in shape.

With my first update for SVT. After 10 long months, the forums are up again! Sorry, but this is a fresh reinstall. Old accounts and posts are down for the count, as I cannot currently access the old database.

Proper backups will be kept though, to avoid this from happening again. Enjoy!

This is your captain speaking...
Posted by SATails on at
All three of you still coming here (who aren't bots), I am now in charge. Still in the process of rebooting, but SonicVerse Team IS BACK ON!!!

If you have any questions, the best way to get a hold of me is through AIM. My name is Akari Shigeru TI.

~ SA Tails

SVT Re-Opened
Posted by RonPrower on at
I have all sections of the site up and running with the exception of the forums. They are still having trouble and will be a bit longer before they are running.

The domain is now in limbo please update all links using .net instead. Please make sure to include www. in all links too it seems the server is having a hard time with that set up.

Once everything is up and running I will be stepping down from my active role and Rocky and SA Tails will officially take over their roles.

We are not dead.
Posted by SATails on at
This is SA Tails, and I repeat: dead we are not! We're terribly sorry for lack of updates lately. We've all got lives and internet/iRL woes like everybody else, so that can't be helped.

In any case, there will be a huge site upgrade and a relieving of the backlog of stuff so people can start submitting comics, links, etc. again. It's going kinda slow, but progress is being made.

Having said that, thank you very much, and please keep on supporting us.


Continued Outage
Posted by RonPrower on at
Due to problems that are now out of my control I still do not have proper FTP access to this site. I will try my best to work through the back-log of work I have accumulated. I apologize to all of those that are waiting to see their work and links on this site.

Notice To Those That Have Submitted
Posted by RonPrower on at
If you have submitted a comic, link or anything else to me in the past 2 months I apologize for the speed at which I am working , lot of personal issues have come up that have prevented me from working on the site, most of which are resolved and I will be trying to catch up this week as best as I can. Once again I apologize for these huge delays.

Posted by RonPrower on at
SVT is officially 9-years-old today.

New Positions Open!
Posted by RonPrower on at
SVT is now looking for some people willing to do inking, lettering and coloring for an up coming project. If you are willing to do any of these (for free) and are VERY good at them please reply to this or e-mail


Ghosts of the Future 3
Posted by RonPrower on at
Surprisingly Ghosts of the Future Issue 3 is now out, take a read on our comics page and enjoy.

Ghosts of the Future 2
Posted by RonPrower on at
We have just released the new issue of Ghosts of the Future check it out on our comics page, I'm sure that you all will enjoy it.

New Domain
Posted by RonPrower on at
Well if you're here then you've obviously seen the fact that we have a new domain. We have officially switched over to in order to get our website back up and running since renewing the .com URL was taking far too long. I deeply apologize for the downtime in our website as this has greatly set back a lot of our plans and we are trying our best to get everything back up and running. It's going to take some time so please be patient while we work to correct problems and get our affiliates to update their links.

Chaos Diamond 3 Updated
Posted by RonPrower on at
CD3 is updated to 331 pages for everyone following it here.

Through Fire and Shadow has also released issue 3, check it out.

Update 10/30: Thank you to Dash for letting me know that the link to Through Fire and Shadow did not point to the most up-to-date page. It is now corrected, sorry for the long wait.

OMG New Comics?
Posted by RonPrower on at
Yes that's right SVT has 2 NEW comics for you today.

The first is a surprising update from May Shing commenting on the new Mario & Sonic Olympic game and Sonic now being in Brawl called "Sonic L" you can find it under the archived May Shing comics on our comic page.

Next is our newest series to SVT and one that we are glad to have. Entitled Ghosts of the Future by Evan Stanley this story has a surprising twist to it that readers are going to enjoy this change up.

We hope you enjoy our newest comics and be on the look out for more new stuff coming down the pipes.

Chaos Diamond 3 Updated
Posted by RonPrower on at
Letting you know that CD3 is updated to the current 325 pages if you follow the comic on our website.

SVT Still Looking!
Posted by RonPrower on at
Yes that's right we are still looking for the following categories for our website, spread the word if you know someone looking for something:

- Comics: Both drawn and sprited, we are always looking for these comics and are trying very hard to get some more for our site. Know someone who wants to get their comic on a website? E-mail me at

- Artists: We are still looking for website artists to help out our design team, especially with the TOP SECRET project we are working on. Also artists for comics are a big help too, want to join up then send in the resume to me.

-Coders: We are looking for people skilled in the arts of PHP, CGI and such to help with coding our website. If you have these skills and want to help us out please contact me ASAP we have an IMMEDIATE NEED for skilled coders.

Sonic Site Awards 2007 NOMINATE SVT!
Posted by RonPrower on at

New Staff Needed
Posted by RonPrower on at
All right with the announcement of our new layout plans SVT is looking to hire 2-3 site coders to work on layouts and at least one artist to do new images and such. If you are wanting to do either of these jobs e-mail and let us now.

Remember our sprite comic contest is still going on, you can submit a sprite comic to us and we will pick the best 3 to get their own hosting here on the website.

Major Anouncements! Updated May 17
Posted by RonPrower on at
Right we are beginning to move into SVT's next major venture everyone, I want to thank our dedicated members who continue to come back to this site. I am proud to announce that starting today we are moving towards SVT Version 7!

Now then you will be seeing a couple changes over the next couple of months while we work on this, site downtime will be kept to a minimum as much as possible. We still want you coming here of course.

First off, our comics department is changing. We're are looking for NEW Sonic comics to take the place of all of our discontinued and dead comics, submit your comic ideas to and you may see your comic ending up here or even better becoming an OFFICIAL SVT Labeled Comic!

Also starting today we will be accepting SPRITE COMICS! That's right, to kick this off we are going to have a submission contest. Submit a couple comics to our staff will look over them and pick the 3 best to start being hosted here at SVT. All we ask is that you are able to update the comic at least once a week! Get cracking it's the new SVT Sprite Comic bonanza!

The Oekaki will also have continuing contests going on as we get that ball rolling, be sure to check that out as well and help out there.

NEW: If you have clicked on the news tab up top the past couple of weeks you would have noticed that there was really nothing there. But now we have taken a feed from TSS news and have started posting actual Sonic news there for you. This is a test to see if we are going to start our own news department. If you like it please let us know at our message board.

NEW: Updated the staff page just for everyone's reference. Just so you know who is actually still here and who is not, also updated everyone's bios so give them a read to enjoy.

NEW: Comics page has been updated, as you can see we don't have many active comics, make sure if you have an idea submit it to us!

Finally don't forget to always check out our message board, now with our brand new shoutbox, yes it's back everyone, but now new and improved!!

Thank you,

2 New Affiliates
Posted by RonPrower on at
I have two new affiliates today to announce, the first is Chao Talk a message board of course about chaos, check them out they are really something. And our second is Sonic Style and up-and-coming website that will be getting bigger in the future.

Affiliate Clean Up
Posted by RonPrower on at
I have cleaned up our affiliates and we have also gained a new affiliate, Saturday Morning Sonic, check them out.

New CD3
Posted by RonPrower on at
If you're a reader of CD3 on our site it has now been updated to 295 pages. Enjoy.

New Collision Chaos
Posted by RonPrower on at
That's right everyone after forever, we now have a brand new issue of Collision Chaos. ENJOY!

Couple Things
Posted by RonPrower on at
All right I've got a couple updates for everyone. =3

1) I have retooled the Chaos Diamonds 3 page. If you keep up with that comic at our site it's been updated to the current 277 pages and I have redone the archives so you don't have so many links on one page.

2) Sonic Blue has closed down, Emerald Coast Comics has taken its place, I will be swapping the two banners as soon as I can.

3) If you want to work for SVT be ready, in the next couple of weeks I will be making a major announcement for this site. =3

4) The Coppermine, eFiction, and Oekaki sections are going to be updated soon, so be prepared for them to be down temporarily while I update them.

New Affiliate
Posted by RonPrower on at
We have a new affiliate today, RadioSEGA. Check their website out by clicking the button to the left or if it isn't up just click view affiliates.

Happy Holidays
Posted by RonPrower on at
SVT wishes everybody to have a happy holiday and a rocking New Year's Eve and Day!

New Comic
Posted by RonPrower on at
It's been a while, but we have a new comic called SINS. Take a look at it and let us know what you think.

Long Time Coming
Posted by RonPrower on at
Yeah I've been lazy about this and very busy at the same time. But I have been told to let you all know that Sapphire Luna is back on SVT and you can find her once again producing official SVT comics. Take a look at the new comic, Successor's Dawn and lets all welcome her back!

Now Hiring
Posted by RonPrower on at
SVT is looking to pick up some new staff members here, our current open positions are:

- Fan Art [Coppermine] Moderator
- Fan Fiction Moderator
- Site Designers [Hoping for a team of 2-4].

Moderators need to have already been on this website and be in good standing for it.

Designers need to have at least basic experience in PHP coding. Anything more advanced would be great. Of course you have to be willing to work for free. Sorry we don't have money. XD

If you are interested please e-mail and we will be happy to look to it.

New Comic
Posted by RonPrower on at
Well we have a special comic showing up on SVT, Tete-A-Tete take a look at it and enjoy it. Some of you will remember this one if you go to the message board, well now it's here on the site itself. Enjoy!

Equinox Part 4
Posted by RonPrower on at
Equinox #4 is now up and ready to be read, enjoy it.

A Couple Updates
Posted by RonPrower on at
Update: July 16, 2006: Equinox #3 has been updated to its full 15 pages.

Here's the Saturday update everyone:

- Collision Chaos #5 is now completed and up for viewing.
- Equinox #3 has been completed and up for viewing.
- Sonic Iblis #1 has been finished and updated to the full 29 pages.

Enjoy everyone!

Once Again A New Comic
Posted by RonPrower on at
Well I'm sure everyone is possibly getting sick of seeing all these new comics, but tough, we have great new comics coming out by fans and SVT is proud to host them.

Our newest comic is Sonic Invasion by MCG and tells the story of what would have happened had Shadow actually died. The prologue is now up and more will be on the way.

2 New Affiliates
Posted by RonPrower on at
We have 2 new affiliates to announce to our website, the first is Chao Network [currently down due to server crash] and the return of Andrew "True Blue" to the Sonic news stand and his new website Sonic Scene. Take a look at them on our full affiliates page if they don't come up on the left.

Equinox Updated
Posted by RonPrower on at
Equinox is now updated to issue #2, enjoy.

New Comic: Equinox
Posted by RonPrower on at
As promised SVT's next newest comic of 2006 is Equinox. An extremely interesting comic take a look at the first issue and be happy to read through.

Sonic Iblis has also been updated to 18 pages so it is now up-to-date with what is made so far.

This brings our current new comic total up to 5 (Equinox, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Iblis, Tails Away and Through Fire and Shadow). We've promised new content on this site and I'm hopping everyone that comes here is enjoying all this new content we are getting from these wonderful artists who are using their time to support the fans!

More Good News
Posted by RonPrower on at
Yes, things are just rolling out here at SVT. XD In addition to Sonic Iblis being released now SVT has another new comic for you, Darkspeed's other comic SA2! Check it out and have fun with it.

Also the CBZ files for Tails Away have been updated if you are following along with the comic that way.

Also, Chaos Diamons 3 has been updated to 239 pages. That page will also be undergoing overhaul to make it easier to read for everybody.

And if you notice to the right, our "currently showing" comics are updated to mainly those comics that are actually updating and new so you get a chance to stay up-to-date without clicking on comics that are out of print.

And do not worry SVT still has more new content for everyone! We are back in action and ready to show that fan comics are not dead!

NEW Comic!
Posted by RonPrower on at
That's right our first new comic coming at you is known as Sonic Iblis by Shadowprime. Take a look at the first 10 pages as sneak peak under our comics page there will be more pages on the way so stay tuned and enjoy.

And we also still got more possible new comics on the way. It's looking like it's the "Summer of SVT" Wink

A Couple New Things
Posted by RonPrower on at
That's right a couple of updates this time (YEAH!)

First off Hyper has sent over some preview images of Collision Chaos #5, they are up at that page for you to check out until the new issue is out.

Also we have 2 new affiliate: Sonic Arena and Sonic City so give them both a big thanks for wanting to join with us.

You will also notice the affiliates to the right are gone. Well to make the main page look smoother we have moved them ALL to the front page of the site as well as still on our affiliations page. We will be making small revisions here and there as we prepare for a new overhaul to the site so expect minor changes here and there.

And also as another surprise, SVT may have another 2 new comics joining our ranks. What are they and who are they by? Well you're just going to have to wait and see what happens!

Sneak Peak Comic
Posted by RonPrower on at
Coming soon to the Internet near you, one of the most interesting crossovers in the Sonic uinverse, Sonic PKM. A comic crossing both Sonic and Pokemon, need a peak then click the link here. Enjoy!

2 New Comics
Posted by RonPrower on at
That's right everyone, SVT is proud to present 2 new comics to our line-up! Our first is from a famous artist on deviantART, Darkspeed's own "Tails Away" comic is now here on SVT for you to sit back and enjoy.

Also coming to the SVT line-up is Cap'n Chryssalid's tale of Through Fire and Shadow, a comic looking at the life of Shadow and how he came to be.

So take a look at both located under our active fan submissions and enjoy!

Now For Something Completely Different
Posted by RonPrower on at
Yes, that's right, notice some changes to the main page? Well I went through and moved some stuff around so that it makes things more visible for everyone to see, and allows you to see news without having to click (YEAH!)

Also MAJOR NEWS here, for fans of the Sonic::Epilogue 1 issue comic, there is now a MOVIE for the comic by Marie Lu herself, go to the Epilogue page and watch it. Right now it's not completed, but lets hope we can get one soon. Enjoy!

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