2/29/06- Blah Blah Blah! What a freaking roll, eh? Terribly sorry
all, life had other plans for me when another big event
happened, and I'll do my best to pick things back up
again. Regardless, here's another Sky Blade . Finally!
Also, some fan art! It's a picture of a future character
in human form. Check it out here! Alas, I will try
once more to be consistant! Until next time, hopefully in
just a few days, i'll be back!

08/29/05/- I'm popping back in. So why have I dissappeared
for months on end, twice? Let me explain...
I've been a friend of sky for quite some
time now. Around the time Chao Sky
was in it's prime (All 5 issues =P), SVT was
having a "Get Hosted by Us" Contest, to see which
sprite comics would actually get hosted by SVT. At that
Time, to help Sky out, We worked together, (Me putting
my comic on his site, as I really wanted Sky to
get hosted, yet the webmaster liked my comic better O_o)
We achieved hosting by SVT, but soon after, I
quickly lost interest in sprite comics, and there came
my first dissapearence from Sky studios. I came back During
spring of last year, but lost interest and
dissappeared yet again...

It was early this year, when I started formulating
my plan for My drawn comic, FF7 - Jenova. As the banner
below suggests, It was supposed to be released
sometime between April and May. Life, along with
a lack of artists, got in the way. I attemped to start
the comic "Final Fantasy Chaos" to sort of
fill time between when the comics were supposed
to be released. Needless to say that bombed... Early
may, I talked with a friend of mine, one "Lady
of Lore" as she is called on the net, Agreed to draw the
comic for me. It was... Incredible. She drew it
better than I had pictured it in my mind. But
alas, fate intervened. The last day of school, the
day she was suppossed to bring all the pages
for the comic, was the day she forgot to bring
her art folder, which happened to hold all
the pages to the comic O_o. Now this wouldn't
be too bad of a problem, other then the fact
that I had no way of seeing her over the summer,
and she lacked internet access at her house.
I felt content with waiting until School started again, as
this is one project I would not let myself drop. Once
again, as school started up, Fate intervened again. (Fate
doesn't like me, as you will soon see...) Well, it
seems that while she was on vacation during the summer,
her cousins decided to have a bit of fun, and trash
her room, part of what they trashed, happened to be the
comic pages. So Here I am, comicless, and sort of sick of it all.

So Here I am yet again. And Comicless =P. I Am Still
working on Jenova, But I do want to work on a
sprite comic again, But I need some motivation and
inspiration. If any of you guys who check out
this site happen to be spriters, I am hoping
you could pull of doing a sprite sheet of My Character
Zero - Clicky here . Please email me at if you are interested. I really
want to get something done this time, and I don't want to
lose my motivation, so any help I could
get would be awesome. Well, I think Ive said enough. G'night

- Zerokku

P.S. By the way, I don't have much left on my computer,
as yet again, My computer had to have its memory wiped.
Damnable Hewlett Packards....