SVT Comic Submisson Guidelines and Terms of Service


A.) Explantion of Account types:

1.) Common Hosting: With this account send us the issues / pages as you complete them and we upload them for you to a page, Like "Sonic Adventure - Return to the Ark". This is for people that do not know HTML, how to make a Webpage or FTP.... or just can't be bothered to maintain a website.

2.) SVT Hosting: With this Account'll be given a FTP Account, and upload your own website to SVT Via the account. You'll be responsible for keeping your comic up to date. "SatAM:DX" and "Wave's Adventure" have this kind of hosting. Good for people with Webpage / HTML Design Skills and FTP Knowledge. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS ACCOUNT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SUCH KNOWLEDGE. Sign up for a Common Hosting Account instead.

3.) SVT HOSTING PLUS: With this Account'll have the benefits of the SVT Hosting type, with a MySQL Database. Perfect if you want to host a Forum or use more complicated PHP Scripts. Good for people with Webpage / HTML Design Skills and FTP Knowledge and MySQL Knowledge. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS ACCOUNT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SUCH KNOWLEDGE. Sign up for a Common Hosting Account or SVT Hosting Account instead.


B.) The Terms of Service

#1.) It NEEDS to be a Sonic Comic or Sonic Related Comic or a Sonic based comic. A Comic about people off to save the world of Magazz with swords and knives and shields is not Sonic based. A Comic about 10,000 years into the future of Mobius that does'nt directly include Sonic or any of the other characters, but losely definded as "Sonic based" *IS* acceptable. Also a sonic based comic using entirly fan characters is also acceptable.

#2.) it needs to show SOME effort. Drawing some stick figures and scribbling text balloons and a plot that goes "OMG LETS KILL ROBOTINK! ROBOTINK DEAD! HAPPPPY! =D " in 2 pages will NOT BE accepted. You don't need to be Leonardo Da' Vinci or Ernest Hemingway but don't show the talent of a 2 year old with a crayon either.

#3.) Alright. I'll be quite blunt. Besides showing needs to be GOOD overall. You can be the most BEST artist ever...but if your writing isn't too good.. the comic may not be accepted HOWEVER, in such the case that Writing is good but the art needs work or vise versa...we might actually attempt to help you in this case so we can host your comic. Though a very rare occasion.

#4.) Before I get complaints: We are Primarily NOT A SPRITE COMIC SITE. No! Sure. We host SOME Sprite comics, if they are good enough, but the Majority of comics we receive are usually not up to standards of a drawn Comic like what SVT normally hosts.. HOWEVER, we have made an Argeement with Nz17 Productions! When you pick Sprite Comic as a type, it'll automatically be sent to the lovely people at Nz17, and they'll try to take care of you... but SVT does not host sprite comics, so be sure to pick the right type.

#5.) Comic must be within a PG-13 rating. Under special circumstances, a more harsher rating might be allowed if it's controlled and not overdone and contains proper Return to the Ark.

#6.) You agree that these may change at any time...and if they is your duty to obey new guidelines.Check this Form Often for guideline Ruling changes if at all possible.

#7.) Your Comic remains YOUR WORK and Property, SVT will *NEVER* Take credit for a comic that you put out.

#8.) BE SURE TO PICK THE PROPER HOSTING TYPE SUITED TO YOUR NEEDS. READ OVER THE DESCRIPTIONS OF THE TYPES AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE! Example: Do not pick SVT Hosting if you don't know the first thing about Web design or FTP.





All fan comic news and material are property of SVT. If you wish to post any comic news on your site, please link back and give credit where its due.