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#1.) Your comic needs to a Sonic comic of some kind. If your comic does not involve Sonic in anyway it will be instantly rejected all together. We will accept some comics with Sonic fan characters if they meet what we are looking for in a comic.

#2.) Put some effort into your comic, do not submit something that looks like you spent two minutes on it then decided to send it in. You do not have the world's best art skills, but show that you have put some decent effort into it before sending it to us.

#3.) Also even though you may have a very well drawn comic, make sure that your writing is good and that it can be read. The world's best-drawn comic can be ruined if the writing portion of it is done horribly. Make sure as well that the dialogue is good before sending it to us.

#4.) Do not submit dozens of sprite comics to us wanting them to be hosted or done. We are not a sprite comic site nor will accept these all the time. Yes there are some sprite comics hosted directly by SVT, but that is because they live up to the standards of a drawn comic. Before we allow a sprite comic to be hosted it will be looked at closely to see if it holds up to our expectations.

#5.) Your comic must be within a PG-13 rating. Under special circumstances, a harsher rating might be allowed if it is controlled and not overdone and contains proper warnings.

#6.) You agree that these may change at any time and if they are it is your duty to obey new guidelines. Check this Form Often for guideline Ruling changes if at all possible.

#7.) Your comic remains your work and property; SVT will never take credit for a comic that you put out.

By checking this box, I agree to these guidelines, and promise to uphold them with my comic submission.

Choose your Aimed at Hosting Plan:
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The Normal Hosting Plan: This common plan means that you send us the comic and then we place it onto our site when we are able to do so. Your comic will be placed on the standard SVT comic page with nothing special and we will provide updates on our main page once it is updated. Always Available.

The SVT Comic Plan: If you really want something out of having your comic placed on SVT, chose the silver package of the plans. For this option your comic will be looked at heavily though to see if it will be allowed. Basically with this plan you get control of your own website with an FTP account and sub domain,, allowing you to update your comic whenever you want to. However, you'll be required to slap a SVT banner or link on the front page of the site with a message "Hosted by:!" on it. This plan is not always available all the time.

SVT PLUS Comic Plan: This is the gold plan that SVT offers, all of the regulations of the regular comic plan however we will add support to your site for: MySQL/PHP with user name and password, message board setup, as well as scripts to help you install your own news system if you want. In order to qualify for this plan you need to show that you actually know how to use these coding languages and keep them secured. Your comic will be judged to our full extent and it will be hard to qualify for this plan if you do not meet all expectations. This plan is by approval of SVT and is not guaranteed.

Submission Time!

All fan comic news and material are property of SVT. If you wish to post any comic news on your site, please link back and give credit where its due.