Other M
Bumbleking Productions
Story by Ian Flynn. Art by Various Artists Back

Sonic awakens after a recent battle with Dr. Eggman to find himself in a new world, surrounded by strangers with familiar faces. Will Sonic ever find a way home?

Other M is a great comic, proudly archived in the SonicVerse Team Legacy series. It features writing by future Archie Sonic writer Ian Flynn, with artwork collaborations of various well-known artists of the day. Unfortunately, OM will never be completed, with all data for the later stories lost. You can read the complete first and second Acts, archived here for all to enjoy!


In 3-B, Bean, Bark and Big team up to search for the mystical gold Chaos Emerald. Can they find it before Eggman? Or will they drive Eggman completely bonkers??

Ultimate Sonic

In a world where Eggman controls much of the land, most inhabitants of Earth now live in the Land of the Sky. Those who stood behind in the Land of Darkness, are constantly threatened by Eggman's badniks. The need for protection is high, and that's where Sonic and Tails come in. If you need protection from Eggman's forces, call on Wing Walker to keep you safe!


Act I: Angel Island
Other-M #01 Through the Looking Glass
Other-M #02 One Man's Worth
Other-M #03 Of the Fittest
Other-M #04 Echos of the Past
Other-M #05 Knowing Your Friends
Other-M #06 Mentor
Other-M #07 One Man's War
Other-M #08 The Face of Evil
Other-M #09 Confrontation
Other-M #10 A House Divided
Other-M #11 Veni, Vidi, Vici
Other-M #12 Alter Ego
Other-M #13 Rematch
Other-M #14 A Day In The Life
Other-M #15 Into the Fire
Other-M #16 Martyr
Other-M #17 A Ray Of Hope
Other-M #18 A Throw of the Dice
Other-M #19 Preparations for War
Other-M #20 Through the Looking Glass
Other-M #21 Wonderland
Other-M #22 Broken Mirror
Other-M #23 Picking up the Pieces

Act II: Journey
Other-M #24 Homward Bound Part 1
Other-M #25 Kingdom Come
Other-M #26 No Rest for the Weary
Other-M #27 Unexpected Travels
Other-M #28 Dealing with Devils
Other-M #29 Resurrection
Other-M #30 Boomer

Other Bumbleking Comics
3-B #1: We Three Kings
Ultimate Sonic #1 G.U.N. Wants You
Ultimate Sonic #2 Part of the Fold

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